COVID-19 : Support for Local Businesses​

The NI Government is publishing advice on this site here.

As we understand it the support comes in the following forms but is being expanded as the government attempt to devise support for each sector:

Rather than repeat what is available here are the relevant links:

1. General advice: This page provides links to all the different support mechanisms.

2. Business Grants

3. Income support:
Please note the information is being updated often and today there is much more detail on this site so I would recommend you revisit these sites frequently.

4. Help for the self-employed: The government have now published details about help for the self-employed:

This is a new scheme and they are indicating it may not be able to pay out until June so you may have to find short-term funds before claiming.

5. Loan schemes:
Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme – for small businesses:
The banks are being criticised for not adopting guidelines and asking for high interest payments and guarantees – watch this space:

6. Deferred VAT payments:

7. Other assistance:
Rates cancelled Apr/May/June